Nine regional knowledge sharing workshops are being organised by the Grid+Storage project, each covering smart transmission and distribution grids, and integration of energy storage solutions. 

The purpose is to foster networking and exchange of experiences between projects being carried out both at EU and national or regional levels. 

These workshops are organised in collaboration with the ERA-Net Smart Grids Plus initiative.

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WS3: Workshop 3 (Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland)

The third Grid+Storage regional workshop will be held in Helsinki (Finland) on 26 and 27 January 2016 with the support of the ERA-Net Smart Grid Plus initiative.

This third workshop, addressing Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland, is a unique opportunity to interact with network operators and energy storage stakeholders about the scope and contents of the future Research and Innovation roadmap about energy storage integration in the future electricity networks.

All stakeholders involved in R&I activities about smart grids and energy storage integration in the power system are invited to attend this workshop. National R&I projects representatives will be invited to join a labelling process where the European added value of their activities will be identified jointly by the ERA-Net Smart Grid Plus and Grid+Storage teams.

Six other regional workshops will be organized throughout Europe until March 2016, in order to share knowledge and agree about the future Research and Innovation activities needed for the next ten years.

Several smart grids and energy storage projects from Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland will be presented. More details on these projects and the agenda are coming soon!

Four interactive sessions will be held to discuss with the audience and with ENTSO-E, EDSO and EASE representatives about the lessons learnt by the projects presented and the future research and innovation topics to better integrate energy storage into the power system.

Registration is free but mandatory. Limited number of seats: registrations based on first-come-first-served.

The workshop will be held at: 

Original Sokos Hotel Vantaa
Hertaksentie 2, 01300 Vantaa
Tel. +358 20 1234 618, Fax +358 9 8578 5555
[email protected] 

Preferred rates have been negotiated with the Original Sokos Hotel Vantaa.
Please quote the allotment code GRID+STORAGE when making your booking.


Outcomes of the workshop: